Merry Christmas Malayalam Movie (2022) Cast, Crew, Release Date & Posters

Merry Christmas is an upcoming Malayalam drama movie produced by H Komal and S Hari Bhaskaran and directed by Midhun Jyothi. It is produced under the banner of Komala Hari Pictures. The movie stars Karthik Ramakrishnan and Dayyana Hameed in the lead roles. James Eliya, Malaa Parvathi, Jayaraj Warrier and Raj Kalesh are also part of the cast. The cast, crew, release date, posters, trailer and other details of the movie are given below.

Merry Christmas Malayalam Movie Cast: Karthik Ramakrishnan and Dayyana Hameed

Movie Name Merry Christmas
Language(s) Malayalam
Genre Drama
Release Date 2022


Merry Christmas Movie Crew:

Director Midhun Jyothi
Producer (s) H Komal, S Hari Bhaskaran
Story Midhun Jyothi
Written by Midhun Jyothi
Screenplay Midhun Jyothi
DOP Binu
Editor Midhun Jyothi
Music Director Sanjay Prasannan
Lyrics Amal Noushad and Dr. Devika P.
BGM Sanjay Prasanan
Co Producer
Production Controller Hari Venjarmoodu
Production Executive
Executive Producer Dinesh Kumar TC
Associate Director Absar Titus
Makeup Devadas Chamravattam
Costumes Sathya K Sreekanth
Production Designer Arun Mohan
Sound Designer
Publicity Design
Title Design
Stills Ragooty
Finance Controller
PRO AS Dinesh

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Merry Christmas Malayalam Movie Trailer:

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